Ergonomic Seating Guidelines and Choosing the Best Seating for a Business

November 18th, 2013  Posted at   Business, Health
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If you are tasked with finding the proper seating for any business operation, you will need to become very familiar with ergonomic seating guidelines. Since the chairs people sit in on a daily basis can affect their overall health and safety in the long run, there are regulations that companies must adhere to in order to remain in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. When companies are not in compliance, it will expose them to potential fines that they must pay for each incident or infraction.

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Review Ergonomic Guidelines

Becoming familiar with the guidelines does not have to be difficult. However, it is important that you do a thorough job of research. By researching this information in advance, you can save the company both time, money and potential injuries. Even though these guidelines may have been revised over the years, you are still required to comply with the most recent ones that have been published.  For instance, some of these regulations have multiple minimum requirements and specs attached to them. These specifications may apply to office desks, computers, office chairs, equipment and other essential areas in an office setting.

You will also find that many of these seating guidelines apply to your operations as follows:

Office chairs must be stable, permit the employee the freedom to move around easily, while also maintaining a comfortable posture.

An ergonomic chair must be easy to adjust in height, either up or down. When the employee is seated, the back of the chair must be adjustable so that the employee can tilt their chair properly back and forth. The backrest must also have the ability to be adjusted in height as needed.

When requested, a footrest should also be made available to the employee. Therefore, it is important for you to know these guidelines when asking for financing.

Even though the above guidelines may cover a broad-spectrum of specifications, it also important for you to research various other requirements that apply to ergonomic standards as well. Without reviewing this information, you will be limited in the details that’s needed, especially when you are trying to determine the best seating for a specific operation. For example, the basic requirement for these ergonomic standards is ensuing everyone can achieve a comfortable position that will work specifically for them, regardless of their height or build.

By reviewing this information prior to going to a retail establishment or looking online, you will have a better idea of what you should be looking for in the proper seating arrangements. Many retail establishments can also help you with identifying the chairs that meet these ergonomic seating guidelines.  When dealing with an office furniture representative, be sure to work with one who is well-versed in helping you select the best ones for the operations that you are choosing the seating for. For instance, some chairs are made specifically for employees who use computers as a primary part of their job functions.

People who use computers are subject to various work place injuries, specifically carpel tunnel syndrome. Carpel tunnel is caused by a diversity of things including the seating that the employees are using. Therefore, these work place injuries can be easily avoided if the proper seating is supplied by the employers. So, it is essential for you to recognize the importance of choosing the best office chairs on the market to protect the employees’ overall health as well as the company from being out of compliance. As stated above, if an employee requests a foot rest, you should also add the pricing into the seating requirements and funding.

Though the rules and guidelines are documented for everyone to review and remain in compliance, businesses are not limited to simply meeting the bare minimums.  Going above and beyond for their employees is a good idea whenever budget permits. So, when employees are required to work for long and extended periods of time while seated, it is important for the company to provide the best seating available. While keeping the initial cost down is an important factor for many companies and corporations, it should not be the only factor in choosing the right chairs. In fact, if you shop around for non-branded or private labeled chairs, you will be pleasantly surprised that there are better alternatives that don’t cost an arm and a leg for office seating so your company and its’ employees can gain the benefits.

Negotiate for Better Pricing Wherever Possible

Additionally, in cases where you are buying a large volume of seating at one time, you may want to negotiate a volume price with the supplier. Some suppliers are willing to provide a lesser price per unit in order to get the business while others already offer a very competitive price. These suppliers can also expect repeat business if they can provide fair price on higher quality seating so it is in their best interest to secure your business.  You should not be confined to chairs that only meet the minimum specs. Instead, look at all of the chairs that are available to see if the supplier can provide the best quality at a price that the company can afford.

By negotiating a better price on quality chairs, the company can also make a better investment since they will not have to replace the chairs because they do not last or aren’t as durable. This is also a great selling point for you, especially if you are seeking to acquire additional funding for the seating that you choose. The benefits of supplying additional funding may actually be the better choice in both the short and long run. Therefore, do not hesitate to provide a proposal that can explain the options available.

If you are assigned to finding seating for a small or large company, there are some of the vital points that you will need to know. Seating for many businesses is governed by ergonomic seating guidelines that should be followed for the safety, protection, and welfare of your staff.  It is important for you to obtain and review the latest guidelines that apply to your business and its operations. These guidelines must be adhered to in order to prevent work place injuries and to protect the company from various fines for non-compliance.  This means the company can save money in the future simply by sourcing for the right chairs initially even though it can be a complex process. By going the extra mile, you can create a proposal for extra funding, if it is needed.  This proposal can assist with getting additional funding for better quality chairs so that everyone in the company will benefit from lower injuries and seating that will last for many years to come.

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