Discount Business Web Hosting That Doesn’t Suck

December 12th, 2013  Posted at   Business
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In this day and age, websites are more abundant then they ever were. People from all walks of life are now considered online. Whether it is blogging, writing reviews, becoming an authoritative figure in a specific niche, or anything you can imagine. Writing and designing websites has become very simple and affordable.

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What You Need to Get Started

The very first thing you will need to get started is a domain name. This is a unique web address and is your own personal foot print on the web. Additionally you will need a host. This is a company that maintains your little slice of the web and has 100’s of tools to aid you and make the experience of owning a website very easy, simple, and affordable.

Finding an affordable web host can be daunting in that many offer different plans at different prices. Ideally you would want to find a host that also offers a domain name service as well.

Where to Get Started

Above we discussed about finding a hosting service that also offers domain name services. not only offers domains, they also offer the domain name free for the first year! The free domain name for the first year alone is enough to get us interested.

So What Else Does Web Hosting Hub Have To Offer?

Along with the hosting and free domain for 1 year, WebHostingHub offers one of the most robust lists of “perks” on the web. Apparently they love the word “Unlimited” because it is everywhere on their website. Unlimited disk space, bandwidth, websites, email addresses, FTP accounts, sub-domains, and more.

They also have a range of customizable web design packages for medium to small businesses. Whether it is medical/dental, legal, accounting, food/dining and more Web Hosting Hub comes packed with websites that pop.

Watch this detailed video on how to get setup with WebHostingHub and how drop dead simple it is to create your very first site with their one-click installers:

Who Is WebHostingHub For?

Web Hosting Hub comes jam packed with over 300 tools to help you in your hosting endeavors. They are among the top in the field with customer support and ease of use rivaled by few for the value they provide. With one click installs of popular tools like WordPress and Joomla, even the absolute beginner will feel comfortable here. They will walk you through any problems you face making your first venture into the world of websites pleasant and simple.

Beginners and pros alike will feel at home, With thousands of themes to choose from, A+ customer support, and cheap and affordable prices you really can’t go wrong.

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